Give the power to choose.

The Flywheel Fund for Career Choice gives Stanford Law graduates more power to choose career paths that inspire them—by easing the burden of costly loan repayment. 

According to the ABA 1 in 3 new lawyers chose a career path different from what they initially expected because of loans—and 37% say they chose a job that pays more “instead of a job I really wanted.”

As the debt burden of a law school education continues to increase, so does its damaging impact on the lives and career choices of our graduates. For many, this debt grows after graduation, and the high cost of repayment forces them to take unwanted career paths. Many who arrive at law school expecting to pursue public interest careers are left feeling they have no choice but to accept a Big Law job to pay off their loans.

This cycle not only turns public-interest-minded applicants away, it also takes a disproportionate toll on lawyers of color, decreases diversity of thought and interests across the SLS student body, and results in poor employment fit for firms and graduates alike.

It’s time to stop the cycle—by giving our graduates a choice. 

The Flywheel Fund for Career Change, led by alumni of Stanford and Harvard Law Schools, is an innovative new non-profit organization designed to cover the upfront costs of a JD for every Fellow selected, with affordable repayment tied to income after graduation. Graduates who earn under $100k per year will owe no repayment, and those who earn more will replenish and amplify the fund, which means every dollar given generates two or more.

We call this the Flywheel Fund effect—and it will empower Stanford Law graduates for generations to come.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can give the power of choice at

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